Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Application Server Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureExample: Configure Cluster Resources for Oracle Application Server

Perform all steps within this example in the global zone.

  1. Register the required resource types.

    Vigor5# clresourcetype register SUNW.HAStoragePlus
    Vigor5# clresourcetype register SUNW.gds
    Vigor5# clresourcetype register SUNW.oracle_server
    Vigor5# clresourcetype register SUNW.oracle_listener
  2. Create the resource group.

    Vigor5# clresourcegroup create -n Vigor5:z1,Vigor5:z2 oas10g-rg
  3. Create the logical hosts.

    Vigor5# clreslogicalhostname create -g oas10g-rg -h oas10g oas10g-lh
  4. Create the HAStoragePlus resource in the wmq1-rg resource group.

    Vigor5# clresource create -g oas10g-rg -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus \
    > -p Zpools=HAZpool4 oas10g-ZFShas
  5. Enable the resource group.

    Vigor5# clresourcegroup online -M oas10g-rg