Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

About the Logging Service

The purpose of the Logging Service is to provide the facilities to record events that can then be used to assign responsibility for actions occurring through OpenSSO Enterprise. For example, an individual's attempts to compromise the security of OpenSSO Enterprise, and to what extent those attempts penetrate, can be monitored. A global service configuration file named amLogging.xml defines the Logging Service attributes. These attributes include configuration information such as maximum log size, log location, and log format (flat file or relational database). The attribute values are applied across the OpenSSO Enterprise deployment and inherited by every configured realm. The structure of amLogging.xml is defined by file sms.dtd.

Note –

The Logging Service is fundamentally an extension of the java.util.logging.LogManager, java.util.logging.Logger, java.util.logging.LogRecord, java.util.logging.Formatter and java.util.logging.Handler classes.