Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Recording Events

Log records are created using the com.sun.identity.log.LogRecord class, and then logged by authenticated and authorized entities using the com.sun.identity.log.Logger class. Log records can be logged by:

The following table summarizes the default items logged in the LogRecord.

Table 15–1 Events Recorded in LogRecord




The date (YYYY-MM-DD) and time (HH:MM:SS) at which the log message was recorded. This field is not configurable.


Variable data pertaining to the log records's MESSAGE ID. This field is not configurable.


Name of the OpenSSO Enterprise service or application being logged. Additional information on the value of this field can be found in “Adding Log Data” on page 88. 


OpenSSO Enterprise domain to which the user (whom the log record is regarding) belongs. This information is taken from the session token passed in the LogRecord(level,msg,token) call.


The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) version 1.4 log level of the log record. 


The identifier of the user (taken from the session token) as the subject of the log record. 


IP address from which the operation was performed. 


User who writes the log record. The information is taken from the session token passed during logger.log(logRecord, ssoToken).


Host name associated with the IP address above. This is present if the Log Record Resolve Host Name attribute is enabled. If not, the IP address is printed. 


Non-internationalized message identifier for this log record's message. 


Session identifier associated with a particular login session. The session identifier is for the entity about whom the log record is regarding.