Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview


A user with the Top—level Realm Administrator or Policy Administrator roles can create policy. (A Realm Administrator or Policy Administrator configured for a specific realm have permission to create policies only for resources delegated to that realm.) A referral (referred to as a referral policy in previous releases) enables either administrator to delegate policy configuration tasks. A referral delegates both policy creation and policy evaluation, and consists of one or more rules and one or more referrals.

Referrals delegate policy management privileges to another entity such as a peer realm, a sub realm, or even a third-party product. (You can implement custom referrals by using the Policy API.) For example, assume a top-level realm exists named ISP. It contains two sub realms: company1 and company2. The Top-Level Realm Administrator for ISP can delegate policy management privileges so that a Realm Administrator in company1 can create and manage policies only within thecompany1 realm, and a Realm Administrator in company2 can create and manage policies only within the company2 realm. To do this, the Top-Level Realm Administrator creates two referrales, defining the appropriate realm in the rule and the appropriate administrator in the referral. See Chapter 4, Managing Policies, in Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide for more information.