Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Liberty Personal Profile Service Design

The Liberty ID-WSF-DST specifies a base layer that can be extended by any instance of a data service. An example of a data service is an identity service, such as an online corporate directory. When you want to contact a colleague, you conduct a search based on the individual’s name, and the data service returns information associated with that person's identity. The information might include the individual’s office location and phone number, as well as job title or department name. For proper implementation, all data services must be built on top of the Liberty ID-WSF-DST because it provides the data model and message interfaces. Figure 12–8 illustrates how OpenSSO Enterprise uses the Liberty ID-WSF-DST as the framework for the Liberty Personal Profile Service and other custom data services.

Figure 12–8 Data Service Template as Building Block of Data Services

Illustration showing how data service template
is framework for data services.

Note –

For more information on the data services specification, see the Liberty ID-WSF Data Services Template Specification. For more information on the personal profile specifications, see the Liberty ID-SIS Personal Profile Service Specification.