Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

SOAP Binding Service Process

In the SOAP Binding Service process, an identity service invokes the Message class (contained in the Client SDK) to construct a request. (As clients of the SOAP Binding Service, the Discovery Service, the Liberty Personal Profile Service (and the sample Employee Profile Service), and the Authentication Web Service all use the SOAP Binding Service client-side API.) The Message object will contain any default or non-default SOAP headers as well as the SOAP body containing the request(s). Once generated, the WSC invokes the sendRequest method and sends the Message object to the SOAPReceiver which receives the Message, verifies the signature, and constructs its own Message object. The SOAPReceiver then invokes the appropriate Request Handler class to send this second message to the corresponding service for a response.

The web service processes the second message, generates a response, and sends that response back to the SOAPReceiver which, in turn, returns the response back to the WSC for processing.

Note –

Before invoking a corresponding service, the SOAP framework might also do the following: