Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Chapter 16 Getting Starting with the OpenSSO Enterprise Samples

There are three types of samples included with OpenSSO. The following sections contain more information.

Server Samples

Server samples are included with the OpenSSO WAR. The samples can be accessed by appending /uri/samples to the OpenSSO Enterprise server URL and entering it in the Location bar of a browser; by default, this would be http://hostname.domain:8080/opensso/samples. The server samples include authentication, Liberty ID-FF, SAML v2, and multi-federation protocol samples.

Client SDK Samples

The Client SDK samples are located in the opensso-client-jdk15.war inside the The ZIP can be found in the /opensso/samples directory by default.

Command Line Interface Samples

Command line interface samples are also located in the sdk directory inside the unzipped