Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Obtaining and Deploying the OpenSSO Fedlet Bundle

You can choose one of two methods for obtaining and deploying the Fedlet Bundle.

If OpenSSO is deployed as an Identity Provider, then use the OpenSSO Enterprise console to create the Fedlet bundle. In this scenario, using the console is the faster and easier method because the Identity Provider follows the same workflow to integrate with any Service Provider.

If multiple Identity Providers exist in the Service Provider circle of trust, and not all Identity Providers use OpenSSO Enterprise, then use the Fedlet Demo. The Fedlet Demo contains a sample JSP is packaged in the fedlet.war. The fedlet.war file emulates the Service Provider web application. Using the fedlet.war file makes it easy to demonstrate a simple JSP receiving the SAMLv2 POST from the Identity Provider.

To Use the OpenSSO Enterprise Console to Create the Fedlet bundle

In the OpenSSO Enterprise console, navigate through a taskflow and provide the following:

  1. Name of the Service Provider

  2. Destination URL of the Service Provider that will include the Fedlet

  3. The circle of trust in which to place the Service Provider

At the end of the taskflow, a bundle is automatically created. The bundle consists of the fedlet.war file and a README file that contains instructions for deploying the Fedlet. Follow the instructions to deploy the Fedlet.

To Use the Pre-Built Fedlet

As the Service Provider, download the file. Then follow the instructions in the README file contained in the file to deploy and configure the Fedlet. The file is bundled into the