Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Analyzing the Deployment

The following figure illustrates the deployment architecture for standards-based federated single sign-on using federated web services among independent, trusted partners. The OpenSSO Enterprise Client SDK pictured here includes advanced APIs to enable applications to directly invoke federation features. These APIs are available in the OpenSSO Enterprise Fedlet, a streamlined federation tool. For more information on the OpenSSO Enterprise Fedlet, see Chapter 5, Using the OpenSSO Enterprise Fedlet to Enable Identity Federation.

Figure 4–1 Deployment Architecture for the Client SDK in Federated Single Sign-On

Client SDK, Policy Agents, and OpenSSO Enterprise

The following figures illustrate the process flow among the OpenSSO Enterprise server, the OpenSSO Enterprise policy agent, and the Centralized Policy Agent Configuration components.

Figure 4–2 Process flow for Centralized Policy Agent Configuration

Text-based, needs no further explanation.

Figure 4–3 Process flow for Centralized Policy Agent Configuration (continued)

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