Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Considering Assumptions, Dependencies, and Constraints


Software Requirements:
  • J2EE-compliant web container

  • Java Virtual Machine version 5 or newer

Hardware Requirement:

1GB of system memory (on top of other running applications)

Dependencies and Constraints

OpenSSO Enterprise supports the use of the embedded OpenDS server in multi-master network structure. In multi-master network structure, each embedded configuration data store instance in the environment has its own replication server, and replication servers have direct communication with each other. The following figure illustrates a multi-master network structure

Figure 15–3 Directory Servers and Replications Servers in a Multi-Master Network Structure

Directory Servers and Replications Servers in
a Small Topology

For more information about replication topologies, see the OpenDS Wiki home page.