Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

ProcedureTo Use the Fedlet with Multiple Identity Providers

  1. The Service Provider installs and configures the Fedlet and sets up the Fedlet with one Identity Provider.

    Install and configure the Fedlet using instructions in either To Set Up the Workflow-based Fedlet or To Use the Pre-Built Fedlet.

  2. To use a second Identity Provider with the Fedlet, the Service Provider requests the Identity Provider metadata files from the second Identity Provider.

  3. Update the Fedlet configuration directory with the Identity Provider metadata files, and update the Fedlet's configuration with the Identity Provider entity ID.

  4. The second Identity Provider registers the Fedlet in its configuration.

  5. To add more Identity Providers to the Fedlet, repeat steps 2 through 4.

  6. Access the index.jsp file on the Fedlet deployment where you are presented a list of registered multiple Identity Providers. Choose an Identity Provider.

  7. For the selected Identity Provider, you are presented the option to test the following use cases through the hyperlinks on the page:

    • Fedlet Service Provider-initiated single sign-on

    • Identity Provider-initiated single sign-on

  8. The README file included in the Fedlet.zipand the contains instructions for setting up the Fedlet with multiple Identity Providers.