Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Oracle Data Guard

ProcedureHow to Create and Configure an Oracle Data Guard Protection Group

The following example builds on the example configuration that was described in Chapter 1, Replicating Data With Oracle Data Guard Software.

In this example, the sales database is online on the cluster-paris cluster and is protected by Oracle Data Guard.

Ensure that the Oracle Data Guard Broker configuration exists before you proceed, as Sun Cluster Geographic Edition does not create the configuration for you.

Before You Begin

Ensure that the following conditions are met:

Note –

Protection group names are unique in the global Sun Cluster Geographic Edition namespace. You cannot use the same protection group name in two partnerships on the same system.

You can also replicate the existing configuration of a protection group from a remote cluster to the local cluster. For more information, see Replicating the Oracle Data Guard Protection Group Configuration to a Partner Cluster.

  1. Log in to a cluster node.

    To complete this step, you need to be assigned the Geo Management RBAC rights profile. For more information about RBAC, see Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Software and RBAC in Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide.

  2. On all nodes of the local cluster, create a new protection group.

    phys-node-n# geopg create -s partnershipname -d odg \
    -o localrole [-p property [-p...]] protectiongroupname
    -s partnershipname

    Specifies the name of the partnership.

    -d odg

    Specifies that the protection group data is replicated by Oracle Data Guard software.

    -o localrole

    Specifies the role of this protection group on the local cluster as either primary or secondary.

    -p propertysetting

    Specifies the properties of the protection group.

    You can specify the following properties:

    • Description – Describes the protection group.

    • Timeout – Specifies the timeout period for the protection group, in seconds.


    Specifies the name of the protection group.

    For information about the names and values that are supported by Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software, see Appendix B, Legal Names and Values of Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Entities, in Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide.

    For more information about the geopg command, refer to the geopg(1M) man page.

    Before creating the protection group, the data replication layer validates that the configuration is correct.

    • If the validation is successful, the local Configuration status is set to OK and the Synchronization status is set to Error.

    • If the validation is unsuccessful, the protection group is not created.