Sun Cluster Data Service for Solaris Containers Guide for Solaris OS

Writing a Service Probe for the Zone SMF Resource

The zone SMF resource provides the ability to enable, disable, and probe an SMF service within a zone that is of brand type native. The zone SMF resource depends on the zone boot resource. Probing the SMF service is performed by running a command or script against the SMF service. The SMF service and probe command or script names are passed to the zone SMF resource when the resource is registered. The probe command or script must meet the following requirements.

Table 4 Return codes

Successful completion 


An error occurred that requires a resource restart 


An error has occurred that requires an immediate failover of the resource group 

Note –

For an immediate failover of the zone SMF resource, you must configure the resource properties Failover_mode and Failover_enabled to meet the required behavior. Refer to the r_properties(5) man page when setting the Failover_mode property ad SUNW.gds(5) man page when setting the Failover_enabled property.

Example 4 Zone SMF Probe Script for Apache2

This example shows a simple script to test that the SMF Apache2 service is running, beyond the process tree existing. The script /var/tmp/probe-apache2 must exist and being executable within the zone.

# cat /var/tmp/probe-apache2
if echo "GET; exit" | mconnect -p 80 > /dev/null 2>&1
	exit 0
	exit 100

# chmod 755 /var/tmp/probe-apache2