Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Java System Application Server Guide for Solaris OS

Fault Monitor Operations When the Monitor_Uri_List Property Is Not Set

When the Monitor_Uri_List extension property is not set, the fault monitor probe executes the following steps.

  1. The fault monitor probes the Sun Java System Application Server instance according to the time-out value set with the Probe_timeout resource property.

  2. The probe uses the asadmin command to get the status of the DAS, as follows:

    $INSTALL_DIR/appserver/bin/asadmin list-domains --domaindir $DOMAIN_DIR

    The following environment variables are set.

    • INSTALL_DIR is the installation location that is set using the Confdir_list extension property.

    • DOMAIN_DIR is the complete path to the domain directory.

    • DOMAIN_NAME is the name of the domain.

  3. If the probe determines that the DAS is not running, a complete failure is issued.

  4. Based on the history of failures and the setting of the probe parameters, a failure can cause either a local restart or a failover of the data service.