Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Sun StorageTek Availability Suite

ProcedureHow to Delete a Sun StorageTek Availability Suite Protection Group

Before You Begin

To delete a protection group on all clusters, run the geopg delete command on each cluster where the protection group exists.

Before deleting a protection group, ensure that the following conditions are met.

Note –

To keep the application resource groups online while deleting a protection group, you must remove the application resource groups from the protection group.

  1. Log in to a node on the cluster where you want to delete the protection group, for example, cluster-paris.

    The cluster-paris is the primary cluster. See Example Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Cluster Configuration in Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide for a sample cluster configuration.

    You must be assigned the Geo Management RBAC rights profile to complete this procedure. For more information about RBAC, see Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Software and RBAC in Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide.

  2. Delete the protection group.

    This command deletes the configuration of the protection group from the local cluster. The command also removes the lightweight resource group and the replication resource group for each device group in the protection group.

    # geopg delete protectiongroupname 

    Specifies the name of the protection group.

    If the deletion is unsuccessful, the Configuration status is set to Error. Fix the cause of the error and rerun the geopg delete command.

Example 2–5 Deleting a Protection Group

This example deletes a protection group from both partner clusters.

# rlogin cluster-paris -l root
cluster-paris# geopg delete avspg
# rlogin cluster-newyork -l root
cluster-newyork# geopg delete avspg

Example 2–6 Deleting a Protection Group While Keeping Application Resource Groups Online

This example keeps online two application resource groups (apprg1 and apprg2) while deleting the protection group that they share, avspg.

Remove the application resource groups from the protection group, then delete the protection group.

# geopg remove-resource-group apprg1,apprg2 avspg
# geopg stop -e global avspg
# geopg delete avspg