Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache Tomcat 6.0

ProcedureTo Install the Agent Filter for a Deployed Application Protected by the Tomcat 6.0 Version 3.0 Agent

  1. Ensure that the application you want to protect is not currently deployed on Tomcat 6.0.

    If the application is deployed, undeploy it before continuing.

  2. Backup the application's web.xml file before you modify the descriptors.

    The backup copy can be useful if you need to uninstall the agent.

  3. Edit the application's descriptors in the web.xml file:

    1. Set the <DOCTYPE> element as shown in the following example:

      <!DOCTYPE web-app version="2.4"

      Note: Tomcat 6.0 supports the Java Servlet specification version 2.4. Version 2.4 is fully backward compatible with version 2.3. Therefore, all existing servlets should work without modification or recompilation.

    2. Add the <filter> elements to the deployment descriptor.

      Specify the agent filter as the first <filter> element and the agent filter mapping as the first <filter-mapping> element. For example:

  4. Restart the Tomcat 6.0 web container.

  5. Deploy (or redeploy) the application on the Tomcat 6.0 web container.

    The agent filter is then added to the application.

    Note: You can also protect an application with Java EE declarative security. To learn more about protecting your application with Java EE declarative security, consider Deploying the Java EE Policy Agent Sample Application.