Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

Sample XML DTD

This section contains a sample rule set. The “Case Study,” on page 140 is used to illustrate how these rules are interpreted by Rewriter.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
Rules for integrating a mail client with the gateway.
<!DOCTYPE RuleSet SYSTEM "jar://rewriter.jar/resources/RuleSet.dtd">
<RuleSet type="GROUPED" id="owa">
<Attribute name="action" />
<Attribute name="background" />
<Attribute name="codebase" />
<Attribute name="href" />
<Attribute name="src" />
<Attribute name="lowsrc" />
<Attribute name="imagePath" />
<Attribute name="viewClass" />
<Attribute name="emptyURL" />
<Attribute name="draftsURL" />
<Attribute name="folderURL" />
<Attribute name="prevMonthImage" />
<Attribute name="nextMonthImage" />
<Attribute name="style" />
<Attribute name="content" tag="meta" />
<!-- Rules for Rewriting JavaScript variables in URLs -->
<Variable name="URL"> _fr.location </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szUserBase </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szPublicFolderUrl </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szExWebDir </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szViewClassURL </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szVirtualRoot </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szBaseURL </Variable>
<Variable name="URL"> g_szURL </Variable>
<Function name="EXPRESSION" name="NavigateTo" paramPatterns="y"/>
<Attribute name="xmlns"/>
<Attribute name="href" tag="a"/>
<TagText tag="baseroot" />
<TagText tag="prop2" />
<TagText tag="prop1" />
<TagText tag="img" />
<TagText tag="xsl:attribute"
attributePatterns="name=src" />