Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

EXPRESSION Variable Example

Assume the base URL of the page is:

Page Content

<script LANGUAGE="Javascript">
//Expression variables
var expvar= getURIPreFix() + "../../images/graphics"+".gif";
document.write("<A HREF="+expvar+">Link to XYZ content</A><P>")
var expvar="../../images/graphics"+".gif";


<Variable name=”expvar” type="EXPRESSION"/>
<Variable name=”expvar”/>


var expvar=psSRAPRewriter_convert_expression(getURIPreFix()
 + "../../images/graphics"+".gif");document.write("<a href="+expvar+">>
Link to XYZ content</A><P>")var expvar=”gateway-URL/"+".gif";


The function psSRAPRewriter_convert_expression is prefixed to the right side of the expression variable expvar in the first line. This function processes the expression and rewrites the content at runtime. In the third line the value is rewritten as a simple URL.