Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

DJS Example

Assume the base URL of the page is:

Page Content

//DJS Var
var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=\q/tmp/tmp.jpg\q;"
var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=\q../tmp/tmp.jpg\q;"
var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=


<Variable name="dJSVar" type="DJS"/>
<Variable name="dJSimgsrc" type=URL"/>


//DJS Var - need 2 rules
var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=\qgateway-URL
/\q;"var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=\q
var dJSVar="var dJSimgsrc=\qgateway-URL/\q;"


Two rules are required here. The first rule locates the dynamic JavaScript variable dJSVar. The value of this variable is again a JavaScript of type URL. The second rule is applied to rewrite the value of this JavaScript variable.