Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

Mapping of 6.x RuleSet with 3.0

The following table lists the mapping of the Secure Remote Access server Rewriter rules with the previous releases of the Portal Server product.

Table 4–4 Mapping of Rules with SP3

Rewriter 6.0 DTD Element 

Rewriter 3.0 List Box Name 

Rules for HTML Content


Attribute - URL 

Rewrite HTML Attributes 

Attribute - DJS 

Rewrite HTML Attributes containing JavaScript 


Rewrite Form Input Tag List 


Rewrite Applet/Object Parameter Values List 

Rules for JavaScript Content


Variable - URL 

Rewrite JavaScript Variables in URL 

Variable - EXPRESSION 

Rewrite JavaScript Variables Function 

Variable - DHTML 

Rewrite JavaScript Variables in HTML 

Variable - DJS 

Rewrite JavaScript Variables in JavaScript 

Variable - SYSTEM 

Rewrite JavaScript System Variables 

Function - URL 

Rewrite JavaScript Function Parameters 

Function - EXPRESSION 

Rewrite JavaScript Function Parameters Function 

Function - DHTML 

Rewrite JavaScript Function Parameters in HTML 

Function - DJS 

Rewrite JavaScript Function Parameters In JavaScript 

Rules for XML Content


Attribute - URL 

Rewrite Attribute value of XML Document 


Rewrite Text data of XMl Document 

Rules for CSS Content


Rules are not required. By default, all URLs are translated 


Rules for WML Content


No rules defined. WML is treated at HTML and HTML rules are applied. 


Rules for WMLScript Content


No support for WML Script