Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

ProcedureTo Set the Rewriter Debug Level

  1. Log in as root to the Gateway machine and edit the following file:

  2. Set the debug level:

    The debug levels are:

    error - Only serious errors are logged in the debug file. Rewriter usually stops functioning when such errors occur.

    warning - Warning messages are logged.

    message - All debug messages are logged.

    off - No debug messages are logged.

  3. Specify the directory for the debug files in the following property of the file:

    where /var/opt/SUNWam/debug is the default debug directory.

  4. Restart the Gateway from a terminal window:

    ./psadmin start-sra-instance –u amadmin – f  <password file> –N <profile name>– t  <gateway>