Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Install and Configure Quorum Server Software

Perform this procedure to configure a host server as a quorum server.

Before You Begin

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Become superuser on the machine to install with Quorum Server software.

  2. (Optional) To use the installer program with a GUI, ensure that the display environment of the host server to install is set to display the GUI.

    # xhost +
    # setenv DISPLAY nodename:0.0
  3. Load the installation media into the drive.

    If the volume management daemon (vold(1M)) is running and is configured to manage CD-ROM or DVD devices, the daemon automatically mounts the media on the /cdrom/cdrom0/ directory.

  4. Change to the installation wizard directory of the media.

    • If you are installing the software packages on the SPARC platform, type the following command:

      phys-schost# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_sparc
    • If you are installing the software packages on the x86 platform, type the following command:

      phys-schost# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_x86
  5. Start the installation wizard.

    phys-schost# ./installer
  6. Follow instructions on the screen to install Quorum Server software on the host server.

    Choose the Configure Later option.

    Note –

    If the installer does not allow you to choose the Configure Later option, choose Configure Now.

    After installation is finished, you can view any available installation log. See the Sun Java Enterprise System 2006Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX for additional information about using the Java Enterprise System installer program.

  7. Apply any required Quorum Server patches.

  8. Unload the installation media from the drive.

    1. To ensure that the installation media is not being used, change to a directory that does not reside on the media.

    2. Eject the media.

      phys-schost# eject cdrom
  9. Apply any necessary patches to support the Quorum Server software.

    See Patches and Required Firmware Levels in Sun Cluster Release Notes for the location of patches and installation instructions.

  10. (Optional) Add the Quorum Server binary location to your PATH environment variable.

    quorumserver# PATH=$PATH:/usr/cluster/bin
  11. (Optional) Add the Quorum Server man-page location to your MANPATH environment variable.

    quorumserver# MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/cluster/man
  12. Configure the quorum server.

    Add the following entry to the /etc/scqsd/scqsd.conf file to specify configuration information about the quorum server.

    Identify the quorum server by using at least one of either an instance name or a port number. You must provide the port number, but the instance name is optional.

    • If you provide an instance name, that name must be unique among your quorum servers.

    • If you do not provide an instance name, always refer to this quorum server by the port on which it listens.

    /usr/cluster/lib/sc/scqsd [-d quorumdirectory] [-i instancename] -p port
    -d quorumdirectory

    The path to the directory where the quorum server can store quorum data.

    The quorum-server process creates one file per cluster in this directory to store cluster-specific quorum information.

    By default, the value of this option is /var/scqsd. This directory must be unique for each quorum server that you configure.

    -i instancename

    A unique name that you choose for the quorum-server instance.

    -p port

    The port number on which the quorum server listens for requests from the cluster.

  13. (Optional) To serve more than one cluster but use a different port number or instance, configure an additional entry for each additional instance of the quorum server that you need.

  14. Save and close the /etc/scqsd/scqsd.conf file.

  15. Start the newly configured quorum server.

    quorumserver# /usr/cluster/bin/clquorumserver start quorumserver

    Identifies the quorum server. You can use the port number on which the quorum server listens. If you provided an instance name in the configuration file, you can use that name instead.

    • To start a single quorum server, provide either the instance name or the port number.

    • To start all quorum servers when you have multiple quorum servers configured, use the + operand.


The installer performs a simple pkgadd installation of the Sun Cluster Quorum Server packages and sets up the necessary directories. The software consists of the following packages:

The installation of these packages adds software to the /usr/cluster and /etc/scqsd directories. You cannot modify the location of the Sun Cluster Quorum Server software.

If you receive an installation error message regarding the Sun Cluster Quorum Server software, verify that the packages were properly installed.

Next Steps

If you want to use an administrative console to communicate with the cluster nodes, go to How to Install Cluster Control Panel Software on an Administrative Console.

Otherwise, go to How to Install Solaris Software.