Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Create a Disk Group

Use this procedure to create your VxVM disk groups and volumes.

Perform this procedure from a node that is physically connected to the disks that make the disk group that you add.

Before You Begin

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Become superuser on the node that will own the disk group.

  2. Create the VxVM disk groups and volumes.

    Observe the following special instructions:

    Note –

    You can use Dirty Region Logging (DRL) to decrease volume recovery time if a node failure occurs. However, DRL might decrease I/O throughput.

  3. For local disk groups, set the localonly property and add a single node to the disk group's node list.

    Note –

    A disk group that is configured to be local only is not highly available or globally accessible.

    1. Start the clsetup utility.

      phys-schost# clsetup
    2. Choose the menu item, Device groups and volumes.

    3. Choose the menu item, Set localonly on a VxVM disk group.

    4. Follow the instructions to set the localonly property and to specify the single node that will exclusively master the disk group.

      Only one node at any time is permitted to master the disk group. You can later change which node is the configured master.

    5. When finished, quit the clsetup utility.

Next Steps

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