Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

UFS Cluster File Systems

Mount Option 





This option makes the file system globally visible to all nodes in the cluster. 



This option enables logging. 



This option is required only for cluster file systems that will host Oracle Real Application Clusters RDBMS data files, log files, and control files. 

Note –

Oracle Real Application Clusters is supported for use only in SPARC based clusters.



You do not have to explicitly specify the onerror=panic mount option in the /etc/vfstab file. This mount option is already the default value if no other onerror mount option is specified.

Note –

Only the onerror=panic mount option is supported by Sun Cluster software. Do not use the onerror=umount or onerror=lock mount options. These mount options are not supported on cluster file systems for the following reasons:

  • Use of the onerror=umount or onerror=lock mount option might cause the cluster file system to lock or become inaccessible. This condition might occur if the cluster file system experiences file corruption.

  • The onerror=umount or onerror=lock mount option might cause the cluster file system to become unmountable. This condition might thereby cause applications that use the cluster file system to hang or prevent the applications from being killed.

A node might require rebooting to recover from these states.



If you specify syncdir, you are guaranteed POSIX-compliant file system behavior for the write() system call. If a write() succeeds, then this mount option ensures that sufficient space is on the disk.

If you do not specify syncdir, the same behavior occurs that is seen with UFS file systems. When you do not specify syncdir, performance of writes that allocate disk blocks, such as when appending data to a file, can significantly improve. However, in some cases, without syncdir you would not discover an out-of-space condition (ENOSPC) until you close a file.

You see ENOSPC on close only during a very short time after a failover. With syncdir, as with POSIX behavior, the out-of-space condition would be discovered before the close.

See the mount_ufs(1M) man page for more information about UFS mount options.