Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Add an Individual Metadevice to a Zone Cluster (Solaris Volume Manager)

Perform this procedure to add an individual metadevice of a Solaris Volume Manager disk set to a zone cluster.

  1. Become superuser on a node of the global cluster that hosts the zone cluster.

    You perform all steps of this procedure from a node of the global cluster.

  2. Identify the disk set that contains the metadevice to add to the zone cluster and determine whether it is online.

    phys-schost# cldevicegroup status
  3. If the disk set that you are adding is not online, bring it online.

    phys-schost# cldevicegroup online diskset
  4. Determine the set number that corresponds to the disk set to add.

    phys-schost# ls -l /dev/md/diskset
    lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root  8 Jul 22 23:11 /dev/md/diskset -> shared/setnumber 
  5. Add the metadevice for use by the zone cluster.

    You must use a separate add device session for each set match= entry.

    Note –

    An asterisk (*) is used as a wildcard character in the path name.

    phys-schost# clzonecluster configure zoneclustername
    clzc:zoneclustername> add device
    clzc:zoneclustername:device> set match=/dev/md/diskset/*dsk/metadevice
    clzc:zoneclustername:device> end
    clzc:zoneclustername> add device
    clzc:zoneclustername:device> set match=/dev/md/shared/setnumber/*dsk/metadevice
    clzc:zoneclustername:device> end
    clzc:zoneclustername> verify
    clzc:zoneclustername> commit
    clzc:zoneclustername> exit

    Specifies the full logical device path of the metadevice


    Specifies the full physical device path of the disk set number

  6. Reboot the zone cluster.

    The change becomes effective after the zone cluster reboots.

    phys-schost# clzonecluster reboot zoneclustername

Example 7–7 Adding a Metadevice to a Zone Cluster

The following example adds the metadevice d1 in the disk set oraset to the sczone zone cluster. The set number of the disk set is 3.

phys-schost-1# clzonecluster configure sczone
clzc:sczone> add device
clzc:sczone:device> set match=/dev/md/oraset/*dsk/d1
clzc:sczone:device> end
clzc:sczone> add device
clzc:sczone:device> set match=/dev/md/shared/3/*dsk/d1
clzc:sczone:device> end
clzc:sczone> verify
clzc:sczone> commit
clzc:sczone> exit

phys-schost-1# clzonecluster reboot sczone