Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Manual Recovery Concerns When Using Storage-Based Data Replication Within a Cluster

As with all campus clusters, those clusters that use storage-based data replication generally do not need intervention when they experience a single failure. However, if you are using manual failover and you lose the room that holds your primary storage device (as shown in Figure 4–1), problems arise in a two–node cluster. The remaining node cannot reserve the quorum device and cannot boot as a cluster member. In this situation, your cluster requires the following manual intervention:

  1. Your Sun service provider must reconfigure the remaining node to boot as a cluster member.

  2. You or your Sun service provider must configure an unreplicated volume of your secondary storage device as a quorum device.

  3. You or your Sun service provider must configure the remaining node to use the secondary storage device as primary storage. This reconfiguration might involve rebuilding volume manager volumes, restoring data, or changing application associations with storage volumes.