Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Release Notes

Additional Features

The UMS serves as more than the simple gateway described above. It supports stateful as well as stateless client sessions. If requested by the client, the UMS will maintain session state for the client application across multiple service requests. The UMS can use container-managed authentication, or be configured to authenticate clients with the Message Queue broker, or both. The UMS also supports transactions, enabling client applications to commit or roll back multiple service requests as a single atomic unit.

Because the UMS can support a large number of clients on a single connection to the Message Queue broker, it eases the load on the broker's connection services, allowing for maximum scalability. In addition, UMS capacity can be increased by horizontal scaling, allowing for internet-scale messaging loads.

On the client side, because of the simplicity of the protocol-based UMS API, no client libraries are required. As a result, the API can be extended in the future to implement additional JMS features without any need to upgrade client applications.