Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Release Notes

New Features in Message Queue 4.4

Message Queue 4.4 is a minor release that includes a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes. This section describes the new features included in this release:

JMS Bridge Service

Because the JMS specification does not define a wire protocol for communication between brokers and clients, each JMS provider (including Message Queue) has defined and uses its own propriety protocol. This situation has led to non-interoperability across JMS providers.

The JMS bridge service in Message Queue 4.4 closes this gap by enabling a Message Queue broker to map its destinations to destinations in external JMS providers. This mapping effectively allows the Message Queue broker to communicate with clients of the external JMS provider.

The JMS bridge service supports mapping destinations in external JMS providers that:

Many open source and commercial JMS providers meet these requirements, which makes the JMS bridge service an effective way to integrate Message Queue into an existing messaging environment that employs other JMS providers.

For more information about the JMS bridge service see:

STOMP Bridge Service

As mentioned earlier, the JMS specification does not define a wire protocol for communication between brokers and clients. The STOMP (Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol) open source project at defines a simple wire protocol that clients written in any language can use to communicate with any messaging provider that supports the STOMP protocol.

Message Queue 4.4 provides support for the STOMP protocol through the STOMP bridge service. This service enables a Message Queue broker communicate with STOMP clients.

For more information about the STOMP bridge service see:

Additional Enhancements

The following additional enhancements are also provided in Message Queue 4.4:

New Universal Message Service (UMS) Functions

The UMS now provides functions that use HTTP GET to offer several services:

For information about these new features, see Query and utility functions using HTTP GET in

For an overview of UMS, see Universal Message Service (UMS). For documentation of the UMS API, see For programming examples in several languages, see

IPS Package Support

Message Queue is now packaged for distribution using the open source Image Packaging System (IPS), also known as the pkg(5) system. This packaging method has been added in order for Message Queue to integrate with Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1.

Audit Logging Feature Reinstated

Message Queue 3.7 provided an audit logging feature that was removed in Message Queue 4.0. This feature has been reinstated in Message Queue 4.4. For information about this feature, see Audit Logging in Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Administration Guide.