Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for Java Clients

Destination-List Metrics

The messages you receive when you subscribe to a topic named mq.metrics.destination_list have the type property set to mq.metrics.destination_list in the message header.

The message body contains a list of map names. Each destination on the broker is specified by a unique map name (a name-value pair) in the message body. The type of the name-value pair is hashtable.

The name (in the name-value pair) depends on whether the destination is a queue or a topic, and is constructed as follows:

The value (in the name-value pair) is an object of type java.util.Hashtable . This hashtable contains the key-value pairs described in Table 4–4.

Table 4–4 Value of a Name-Value Pair

Key (String)

Value Type

Value or Description



Destination name 



Destination type (queue or topic)



Is destination temporary? 

Notice that the destination name and type could be extracted directly from the metrics topic destination name, but the hashtable includes it for your convenience.

By enumerating through the map names and extracting the hashtable described in Table 4–4, you can form a complete list of destination names and some of their characteristics.

The destination list does not include the following kinds of destinations: