Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide

pb (parameter block)

The pb parameter is a pointer to a pblock data structure that contains values specified by the directive that invokes the SAF. A pblock data structure contains a series of name-value pairs.

The following example shows a directive that invokes the basic-nsca function:

AuthTrans fn=basic-ncsa auth-type=basic dbm=/<Install_Root>

In this case, the pb parameter passed to basic-ncsa contains name-value pairs that correspond to auth-type=basic and dbm=/<Install_Root>/<Instance_Directory>/userdb/rs.

NSAPI provides a set of functions for working with pblock data structures. For example, pblock_findval() returns the value for a given name in a pblock. See Parameter Block Manipulation Routines, for a summary of the most commonly used functions for working with parameter blocks.