Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide

rq (request)

The rq parameter is a pointer to a request data structure. This parameter contains variables related to the current request, such as the request headers, URI, and local file system path. The same request pointer is passed to each SAF called in the request-response process for an HTTP request.

The following list describes the most important fields in this data structure. See Chapter 4, NSAPI Function Reference for information about NSAPI routines for manipulating the request data structure.

The rq parameter is the primary mechanism for passing information throughout the request-response process. On input to a SAF, rq contains the values that were inserted or modified by previously executed SAFs. On output, rq contains any modifications or additional information inserted by the SAF. Some SAFs depend on the existence of specific information provided at an earlier step in the process. For example, a PathCheck SAF retrieves values in rq->vars that were previously inserted by an AuthTrans SAF.