Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide

Installing the Service Example

To load the shared object containing your functions, add the following line in the Init section of the obj.conf file:

Init fn=load-modules shlib=
            yourlibrary funcs=simple-service-init,simple-service


To call the simple-service-init function to initialize the message representing the generated output, add the following line to the Init section in obj.conf. This line must appear after the line that loads the library containing simple-service-init.)

Init fn=simple-service-init
            Generated output msg</H1>"


To execute the custom SAF during the request-response process for an object, add the following line to that object in the obj.conf file:

Service type="text/html" fn=simple-service

The type="text/html" argument indicates that this function is invoked during the Service stage only if the content-type has been set to text/html.