Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide


plug-in developers may define an nsapi_module_init function, which is a module initialization entry point that enables a plug-in to create filters when it is loaded. When an NSAPI module contains an nsapi_module_init function, the server will call that function immediately after loading the module. The nsapi_module_init presents the same interface as an Init SAF, and it must follow the same rules.

The nsapi_module_init function may be used to register SAFs with func_insert, and create filters with filter_create .


int nsapi_module_init(pblock *pb, Session *sn, Request *rq);


Returns REQ_PROCEED on success, or REQ_ABORTED on error.


pblock *pb is a set of parameters specified by the fn="load-modules" directive.

Session *sn (the Session) is NULL.

Request *rq (the Request) is NULL.