Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide


The pblock_pblock2str function copies all parameters of a specified pblock into a specified string. The function allocates additional nonheap space for the string if needed.

Use this function to stream the pblock for archival and other purposes.


char *pblock_pblock2str(pblock *pb, char *str);


The new version of the str parameter. If str is NULL, the string is a new string otherwise, the string is a reallocated string. In either case, it is allocated from the request’s memory pool.


pblock *pb is the pblock to be copied.

char *str is the string into which the pblock is to be copied. The string must have been allocated by MALLOC or REALLOC, not by PERM_MALLOC or PERM_REALLOC, which allocate from the system heap.

Each name-value pair in the string is separated from its neighbor pair by a space, and is in the format name="value."

See Also

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