Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide


The system_unix2local function converts a specified UNIX-style path name to a local file system path name. Use this function when you have a file name in the UNIX format using forward slashes, and you need to access a file on another system such as Windows. You can use system_unix2local to convert the UNIX file name into the format that Windows accepts. In the UNIX environment this function does nothing, but may be called for portability.


char *system_unix2local(char *path, char *lp);


A pointer to the local file system path string.


char *path is the UNIX-style path name to be converted.

char *lp is the local path name.

You must allocate the parameter lp. The parameter must contain enough space to hold the local path name.

See Also

system_fclose, system_flock, system_fopenRO, system_fopenRW, system_fopenWA, system_fwrite