Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.11 NSAPI Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo create a custom SAF

  1. Writing the Source Code using the NSAPI functions. Each SAF is written for a specific directive.

  2. Compiling and Linking the source code to create a shared library (.so, .sl, or .dll) file.

  3. Loading and Initializing the SAF by editing the magnus.conf file to perform the following actions:

    • Load the shared library file containing your custom SAFs

      • Initialize the SAFs if necessary

  4. Instructing the Server to Call the SAFs by editing obj.conf to call your custom SAFs at the appropriate time.

  5. Restarting the Server.

  6. Testing the SAF by accessing your server from a browser with a URL that triggers your function.

    The following sections describe these steps in greater detail.