Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 High Availability Administration Guide

HADB Installation

On a single or dual CPU system, you can install both HADB and Enterprise Server if the system has at least two Gbytes of memory. If not, install HADB on a separate system or use additional hardware. To use the asadmin configure-ha-cluster command , you must install both HADB and Enterprise Server.

Each HADB node requires 512 Mbytes of memory, so a machine needs one Gbyte of memory to run two HADB nodes. If the machine has less memory, set up each node on a different machine. For example, you can install two nodes on:

Default Installation Directories

Throughout this manual, HADB_install_dir represents the directory in which HADB is installed. The default installation directory depends on whether you install HADB as part of the Java Enterprise System. For Java Enterprise System, the default installation directory is /opt/SUNWhadb/4. For the standalone Application Server installer, it is /opt/SUNWappserver/hadb/4 .