Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Stopping a Database

When you stop and start a database in separate operations, data is unavailable while it is stopped. To keep data available, you can restart a database as described in Restarting a Database.

Stop a database to:

Before stopping a database, either stop dependent Enterprise Server instances that are using the database, or configure them to use a Persistence Type other than ha.

When you stop the database, all the running nodes in the database are stopped and the status of the database becomes Stopped. For more information about database states, see Database States.

To stop a database, use the hadbm stop command. The command syntax is:

hadbm stop  
[--adminpassword=password | --adminpasswordfile= file]  

The dbname operand specifies the database name. The default is hadb.

See General Options for a description of command options. For more information, see hadbm-stop(1).

Example 3–10 Example of stopping a database

hadbm stop