Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Setting Timeouts for Starting and Stopping Node Agents

The following properties are available in Enterprise Server for setting the timeouts for starting and stopping the node agents: com.sun.aas.startAgentTimeout and com.sun.aas.startAgentTimeout.

These properties can be added to the as-install/lib/processLauncher.xml file. These properties are defined in milliseconds and they provide graceful starting and stopping of node agents when the --startinstances option is enabled.

If the node agent name is mynodegant1, find the <process name="mynodegant1"> entry in the /processLauncher.xml file and add the following lines:

<sysproperty key="com.sun.aas.startAgentTimeout" value="1500000"/>

<sysproperty key="com.sun.aas.stopAgentTimeout" value="240000"/>