Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

Using Web Services Registries

Note –

Enterprise Server does not have an internal registry. To publish web services to an internal registry, you must download and install the registry on the application server. To publish a web service to an external registry, specify the address of the external registry.

Adding a Registry

Add or remove a web services registry with Admin Console at Application Server > Web Services | Registry. Use this page to create a Registry Access Point (RAP). When you add a registry, specify the following paramters:

The registry JNDI Name is created as a result of the following steps:

Publishing a Web Service to a Registry

To publish a web service with Admin Console, select Applications > Web Services > web-service-name | Publish.

In the Publish Web Service screen, select one or more registries to which you want to publish the web service, then click Publish. To publish to all the available registries, click the Add All button.

Enter categories under which this web service will show up in the registry. Use a comma to separate each category. The categories are defined in the registry you are using. Enter a description for this web service. Enter the name of the organization, if you are publishing to a UDDI registry.

If you are using a load balancer, enter the Load Balancer host name, port number, and the SSL port number. If you are publishing the web service to an external registry, where the WSDL can be found over the internet, these options will replace the hostname and port name specified in the WSDL to the one of the load balancer.

To un-publish a web service, In the Publish Web Service screen, select the registry from which you want to unpublish the web service, then click Unpublish.