Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

Message Queue Administration Commands

The Message Queue administration commands allow you to manage the JMS destinations.

Table C–6 Message Queue Commands




Creates a JMS physical destination. Along with the physical destination, you use the create-jms-resource command to create a JMS destination resource that has a Name property that specifies the physical destination.


Removes the specified JMS destination. 


Purges the messages from a physical destination in the specified target's JMS Service configuration.  


Lists the JMS physical destinations. 


Checks if the JMS service (also known as the JMS provider) is up and running. When you start the Application Server, the JMS service starts by default. Additionally, it pings only the default JMS host within the JMS service. It displays an error message when it is unable to ping a built-in JMS service.