Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

Service Assemblies

A Service Assembly is a collection of Service Units that provision target components that together provide or consume specific services for an application. Service Assemblies are typically created in a development tools environment, such as that provided by NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

A Service Assembly has the following lifecyle states:

The JBI Runtime persists the lifecycle states of Service Assemblies. When the Enterprise Server shuts down and then restarts, Service Assemblies revert to their state at the time the Enterprise Server shut down.

Note –

The JBI runtime attempts to revert to the "desired" state of a Service Assembly. For example, suppose you tried to start a Service Assembly but it did not start due to an error in the Service Assembly. If you restart the Application Server, the JBI runtime attempts to start the Service Assembly again.

You can do the following operations on Service Assemblies. For detailed steps, log on to the Admin Console, navigate to the JBI node, click Service Assemblies and then click Online Help.