Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

Preventing the Service From Shutting Down When a User Logs Out

By default, the Java VM catches signals from Windows that indicate that the operating system is shutting down, or that a user is logging out, and shuts itself down cleanly. This behavior causes the Enterprise Server service to shut down when a user logs out of Windows. To prevent the service from shutting down when a user logs out, set the -Xrs Java VM option.

To set the -Xrs Java VM option, add the following line to the section of the as-install\domains\domain-name\config\domain.xml file that defines Java VM options:


If the Enterprise Server service is running, stop and restart the service for your changes to become effective.

Note –

In some Windows 2003 Server installations, adding the -Xrs option to the domain.xml file fails to prevent the service from shutting down. In this situation, add the option to the as-install\lib\processLauncher.xml file as follows:

<process name="as-service-name">
   <sysproperty key="-Xrs"/>