Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS

Multihost Devices

Disks that can be connected to more than one Solaris host at a time are multihost devices. In the Sun Cluster environment, multihost storage makes disks highly available. Sun Cluster software requires multihost storage for two-host clusters to establish quorum. Greater than two-host clusters do not require quorum devices. For more information about quorum, see Quorum and Quorum Devices.

Multihost devices have the following characteristics.

A volume manager provides for mirrored or RAID-5 configurations for data redundancy of the multihost devices. Currently, Sun Cluster supports Solaris Volume Manager and Veritas Volume Manager as volume managers, and the RDAC RAID-5 hardware controller on several hardware RAID platforms.

Combining multihost devices with disk mirroring and disk striping protects against both host failure and individual disk failure.

See Chapter 4, Frequently Asked Questions for questions and answers about multihost storage.