Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS

Control of CPU

Each application and service that is running on a cluster has specific CPU needs. Table 3–4 lists the CPU control activities that are available on different versions of the Solaris OS.

Table 3–4 CPU Control

Solaris Version 



Solaris 9 OS 

Not available 

Assign CPU shares 

Solaris 10 OS 

Global-cluster voting node 

Assign CPU shares 

Solaris 10 OS 

Global-cluster non-voting node 

Assign CPU shares 

Assign number of CPU 

Create dedicated processor sets 

Note –

If you want to apply CPU shares, you must specify the Fair Share Scheduler (FFS) as the default scheduler in the cluster.

Controlling the CPU that is assigned to a resource group in a dedicated processor set in a global-cluster non-voting node offers the strictest level of control. If you reserve CPU for a resource group, this CPU is not available to other resource groups.