Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS

SPARC: LDoms Guest Domains: Cluster in a Box Topology

In this logical domains (LDoms) guest domain topology, a cluster and every node within that cluster are located on the same Solaris host. Each LDoms guest domain node acts the same as a Solaris host in a cluster. To preclude your having to include a quorum device, this configuration includes three nodes rather than only two.

In this topology, you do not need to connect each virtual switch (vsw) for the private network to a physical network because they need only communicate with each other. In this topology, cluster nodes can also share the same storage device, as all cluster nodes are located on the same host. To learn more about guidelines for using and installing LDoms guest domains or LDoms I/O domains in a cluster, see How to Install Sun Logical Domains Software and Create Domains in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

This topology does not provide high availability, as all nodes in the cluster are located on the same host. However, developers and administrators might find this topology useful for testing and other non-production tasks. This topology is also called a “cluster in a box”.

The following figure illustrates a cluster in a box configuration.

Figure 2–6 SPARC: Cluster in a Box Topology

Illustration: The preceding context describes the graphic.