Sun Cluster Data Service for SWIFTAlliance Access Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Verify the Installation and Configuration of Alliance Access

This procedure does not verify that your application is highly available because you have not yet installed your data service.

  1. Start the Alliance Access application.

    For Alliance Access versions other than Alliance Access version 5.5, type:

    # su - all_adm

    For Alliance Access version 5.5, choose Alliance —> Start SWIFTAlliance Servers.

    Note –

    If DCE does not start, choose GUI: OS Configuration —> DCE RPC.

  2. Test the application.

    1. Start the Alliance Access application.

    2. Choose Alliance —> Start User Interface.

  3. Stop the Alliance Access application.

    1. Start the GUI.

      # su - all_adm
    2. Choose Alliance —> Stop SWIFTAlliance Servers.