Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Deployment Planning Guide

Configuring an HTTP Proxy

If the Portal Server software is installed on a host that cannot directly access certain portions of the Internet or your intranet, you can receive errors. For example, when using the SampleSimpleWebService provider, you might see the following error when the proxy has not been configured:


ProcedureTo Configure Usage of an HTTP Proxy for a Portal Server Instance

  1. Change directories to the portal server install root directory containing the configuration for the instance.

    cd portal-server-install-root/SUNWam/servers/https-
  2. Edit the server.xml file within this directory and add the following lines:

    http.proxyHost=proxy-host http.proxyPort=
    proxy-port http.nonProxyHosts=portal-host

    where proxy-host is the fully-qualified domain name of the proxy host, proxy-port is the port on which the proxy is run, and portal-host is the fully qualified domain name of the portal host.