Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Reconfigure a Broker Running as a Windows Service

  1. Stop the service:

    1. From the Settings submenu of the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel.

    2. Open the Administrative Tools control panel.

    3. Run the Services tool by selecting its icon and choosing Open from the File menu or the pop-up context menu, or simply by double-clicking the icon.

    4. Under Services (Local), select the Message Queue Broker service and choose Properties from the Action menu.

      Alternatively, you can right-click on Message Queue Broker and choose Properties from the pop-up context menu, or simply double-click on Message Queue Broker. In either case, the Message Queue Broker Properties dialog box will appear.

    5. Under the General tab in the Properties dialog, click Stop to stop the broker service.

  2. Remove the service.

    On the command line, enter the command

       imqsvcadmin remove
  3. Reinstall the service, specifying different broker startup options with the -args option or different Java version arguments with the -vmargs option.

    For example, to change the service’s host name and port number to broker1 and 7878, you could use the command

       imqsvcadmin install  -args "-name broker1  -port 7878"