Logical Domains 1.3 Release Notes

Documentation Errata

This section contains documentation errors that have been found too late to resolve for the LDoms 1.3 release.

Incorrect Parameter Names in the Input/Output Bus Table

Bug ID 6843196: “Input/Output Bus Table (IOBusTable)” on page 31 of the Logical Domains (LDoms) MIB 1.0.1 Administration Guide shows incorrect parameter names.

IOBusDevName should be IOBusName, and IOBusDevPath should be IOBusPath.

ldmp2v(1M): Incorrect Options Shown for the ldmp2v prepare -R guest-root Command

The ldmp2v prepare -R guest-root command does not support the -m mountpoint:size, -x no-auto-adjust-fs, and -x remove-unused-slices options.